100% Win Strategy - $100 to $8K - Binary Options Newest Method 2019 2 years ago

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100% Win Strategy - $100 to $8K - Binary Options Newest Method 2019
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Today I want to earn much money, I think I will have long -time trading and I am afraid I will fasten some moments. I think it will not be any problem with you. We have to set the following indicators: Bollinger Bands 14, 2, CCI 14, Stochastic Oscillator 13, 3, 3.
Bollinger bands upper line crosses the candle, also CCI and Stochastic crossed green lines and we bet CALL.
Do not forget to choose 15 seconds timeframe and trade on 2 minutes.
Take into account not to trade on real account if you are a new trader. Test several methods on demo account and when you feel that one of them works well to you and you get profit from it than you can start with real one. I recommend you to trade on expert option and if you do not have an account you can find a link in the description. It gives you 10 000 coins on demo. You can test endlessly.
Lots of my viewers write in comments and asking about good time to trade. I can tell you that it depends on the method you trade by. If you have the exact method you can just observe and you will know which time is good and which time is insecure. For example, the market is the most insecure when Tokyo market opens.
But I have some methods which do not depend on market opening hours. And even I can trade at night.
For example, for this method which I am explaining you in this video, it is important to have secure and steady market, till Tokyo market is opened. In any way, you can test all the methods anytime, but for some methods it is necessary to have steady and secure market in order to have more wins.
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Some of you write in comment that I edit my videos. This is ridiculous. Imagine yourselves, taking videos of you trade when sometimes it takes about 3 hours. How do you think do I have to upload 3 hour videos? No, of course. I have to shorten it to upload here on Youtube. I think long videos is too boring.
Unfortunately, scammers do not sleep. Lots of my viewers contacted me and asked me to prove them that I have not suggested them to be their account managers and suggested them some signals for 350$. Someone or some group of scammers reply you in comments and if you write down your email in comments they contact you on email as well. So, I caution you do not write you contact infos here in comments. Be carefully! Do not trust to someone who offers you some idle signals or to be your account managers. It is safer to sit down with a computer and test some methods and teach by yourselves. Do not look for shortest ways to get money.
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